meet the people.

Sonia Rose - founder

A crafty kid since her wee days, Sonia began making whimsical and practical objects as soon as she could use her hands. Her interests always seemed to revolve around wearable and functional crafts. She fell in love with clay while working at the Georgia Tech craft center throughout college. Upon graduating with an industrial design degree, she entered into an “internship with herself” and created thousands of pieces during that summer and founded Rose Grown in August 2016. Sonia is living beyond her contented dreams now, making a living doing what she has always loved doing most: creating beautiful and useful things for people to enjoy on their best and worst days. Most of her time in the studio is spent sculpting the original designs for all pieces.



Mark Rockwood - production manager

Mark grew up in McDonough, Georgia where he learned to read and do art in the company of parents and a little sister. An avid painter of canvas, who also does murals when they come along. Mark loves working with ceramics and appreciates the ancient history shared by humans and clay. He made ceramic objects at the Georgia Tech craft center where he met Sonia, Will, and Matteo. It wasn’t long before he became Sonia’s first paid assistant back in the early days of Rose Grown. Making the molds is his specialty, and he oversees production in the Casting Room. He also cycles around town on stylish bikes. 


Brianna Adams - studio assistant

She was a middle school social studies teacher before Rose Grown; the parameters of a typical classroom did not make her happy. She’s now planning to one day form an organization where she can teach a variety of people about art and give young artists - those of color especially - the network, opportunity, and knowledge to feel confident in making a career of art. Currently living in Alabama and commuting to the Rose Grown studio for her weekend shifts, Brianna hopes to move back into the city to nurture her personal artistic pursuits. She focuses on casting new pieces, trimming and sanding them to prepare for the bisque kiln. 


Will Milne - studio assistant + booth bitch

Will is a yoga teacher for Rose Grown and elsewhere. He was the first, unpaid assistant for Sonia, back before Rose Grown. He enjoys the great outdoors, while dividing his professional time between managing a yoga studio and assisting the production at Rose Grown. He loves seeing new products shipped out the door, remembering a month earlier, or even a year back, when that product was only a concept sketch or watercolor in Sonia's notebook. Will floats around from task to task wherever he is needed most, and on Pack Days he really shines at the label printer.



Matteo De Lurgiocustodial fairy, nocturnal 

Musician with Lunar Vacation and fellow ceramicist under the monicker Paradiddle Pottery. Matteo enjoys plants, especially succulents. He's a college student with a bright future in music, pottery, and/or aerospace engineering. You'll find Matteo in the studio some nights when the moon is nigh on the horizon with his eyes twinkling in the yellow glow while mopping floors and wiping counters and scrubbing spills from the days before.